The link between SEO and Content Marketing

by | Sep 22, 2021 | Content Marketing

The link between SEO and Content Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, SEO and Content Marketing are often regarded as two separate tactics in the race to achieve the top spot on Google. Unfortunately, many inexperienced website owners don’t understand that they actually complement each other.

They either tend to focus on SEO and neglect to develop a sound Content Marketing plan, or create a ton of content without incorporating any SEO measures rendering their content largely ineffective. If you’re still not sure how SEO and Content Marketing work together, this article should clear things up.

SEO sets the requirements and Content Marketing meets the demand

In other words, you need to start with the end in mind. If you want to use SEO to raise brand awareness or generate more leads, either goal can be achieved with some clever Content Marketing.

It’s at this point that many website owners get lost. That’s mostly due to the perception that content creation equates to blogging. And while publishing a regular blog on your site is a very effective form of content marketing, it’s not the only one.

Content can take many forms such as infographics, newsletters, Ebooks, case studies, product reviews and white papers. The trick is to adapt your content to suit the needs of your audience and your goals. For example, increasing brand awareness is better achieved by sharing infographics and product reviews. As brand awareness is usually key for B2C businesses, your audience will prefer content that is enlightening, entertaining and easy to consume.

On the other hand, B2B companies are focused on generating quality leads. They know potential clients need large amounts of in-depth information before they’re ready to make a decision. You can provide your potential clients with this type of information in the form of white papers and in-depth case studies.

Once they’ve digested all the material you’ve made available they’ll already have made their decision by the time they call you.

The SEO benefits of Content Creation

You may recognise that your potential customers and clients need content from you, but you’re still not sure how to incorporate SEO best practices. The answer lies in the following benefits:

  • More content gives you more opportunities to use relevant keywords

Keywords or phrases act as triggers, causing your website to appear on a page of search results whenever a user types them into the search bar. Exactly where you website appears in the list of results depends on a number of other factors. But the bottom line is that the more content you have on your site, the more opportunities you have to use keywords that relate to your content and to the user’s query.

  • Creating unique content boosts your rankings

Both your Content Marketing and SEO strategies should focus on finding something unique—and then doing your best to rank highly for it. Instead of focusing all your efforts on acquiring the top spot for broad, generic keywords, you should concentrate on long-tail keywords. You’ll find it’s much easier to rank better for a keyword phrase that narrows down a specific niche.

For example, if you sell shoes then writing a piece that tells customers how to find the perfect fit seems obvious. But, if you dig a little deeper you may find that many parents don’t know how to choose the right shoe size for toddlers. With little information available online, you have the perfect opportunity to create a piece of content that fills the gap.

  • Google prefers sites with substantial content

It’s true that sites with more content tend to rank better, but you have to strike a balance. While keywords are for search engines, content is for people. Whenever you set out to create a piece of content your aim should be to provide an answer to a question or solve a problem.

Your visitors don’t want to wade through paragraph after paragraph of keyword-stuffed nonsense. They want you to get the point as quickly as you can. Whether that takes one page or a hundred pages will depend on the subject. But the key takeaway here is that you need to write for people first.

  • Content gets your visitors to stick around

Have you ever searched for something online and found a page that looks promising but soon clicked out of it because it didn’t have the answer you were looking for? Google counts this as a ‘bounce’ and the higher your bounce rate, the worse your rankings will be.

A high bounce rate is a clear sign that something on that page isn’t working. It could be that there’s no enough information, or that it’s so cluttered with information that users don’t know where to start. Strategically crafted content can reduce your bounce rate, help visitors find what they’re looking for and get them to spend more time on your site.

If your content is engaging, visitors will want to see more of it. They’ll work their way through your blogs as long as they’re educated and entertained. And if your content is compelling enough, they may be tempted to share it with their network.

Google takes into the account the amount of time visitors spend on your site when ranking your site because it’s a good indication that the content you’re providing is relevant and useful.

If you align your SEO and Content Marketing strategy you can achieve your business goals in less time and with less effort. Just keep in mind that appearing at the top of SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) doesn’t guarantee success. Unless you can convert those visitors to paying customers, your ranking won’t mean anything.

If creating the kind of content that gets results is not your forte, don’t hesitate to partner with a reputable company. Invest in expert content creation and a solid SEO strategy and you’ll reap the benefits now, and in the future. Web Changes is ready to assist you with a bespoke digital marketing strategy, get in touch with us today to discuss your SEO and Content Marketing requirements.

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