Programming Modules

Your site may be well-designed, but lacking the features you need. Web Changes has developed a number of custom functions that can be plugged into your existing website. The purpose of these programming modules is to give website owners the ability to manage certain aspects of their site on their own.

These are some of the programming modules we’ve developed for our clients:

  • The News Module

    While the News Module has various functions, its main purpose is to provide you with a quick and simple way to update the news items displayed on your website. After logging in to the admin facility, you can access the database that contains your news items, which may include images and diagrams.

    The program uses a MySQL database which stores all your news items indefinitely while displaying only the latest items on your site.

  • The Page Update Module

    The Page Update module allows you to update a single page, or the entire site with no knowledge of programming required. It’s ideal for owners who want to have the ability to manage the content of their site independently.

  • The Gallery Module

    With the Gallery Module you can capture images in a database which will automatically be categorised into separate galleries as determined by the Web.

  • The Document Uploader

    With no effort, you can upload a batch of documents to your site. This module also allows you to categorise your documents and allocate a title and description to each individual document.

These plugins can be inserted to improve the efficiency and functionality of your website. As they have already been developed, they are cost-effective and quick to install. Web Changes is also constantly refining and improving our programming modules.

If you’d prefer to outsource the maintenance of your website, Web Changes offers a range of packages to suit every budget and business. Contact us for more information on how we can help you maintain your website.