Link Building

Link Building is the search engine optimization technique that carries the most weight when rating a website for its position on search engines.

Websites that have the most external links pointing to their site tend to appear on the first results page. That's why Web Changes focuses on establishing relevant, inbound links to your site. Your site will not only achieve a higher ranking on major search engines, you'll also experience an increase in targeted traffic to your site.

When exchanging relevant links with an industry-related website, there are two benefits:

  • Users viewing your link partner's website may click on your link and get diverted to your website,
  • Your link will be indexed by Google and perceived as a trustworthy website for that specific industry or keyword. This is what improves your rating.

The key to successful link building lies in generating relevant links. Bulk link-building is frowned upon by search engines and may damage your ratings. That's why Web Changes strives to help you build genuine, on-topic links to and from your website.