Employee Spotlight: Krystal Brassey

Aug 22, 2023

In today’s employee spotlight, we’re excited to introduce you to Krystal Brassey, a digital marketing assistant at Web Changes and the right hand to our digital marketing manager.

She joined us in July 2021 and has been making a big impact at Web Changes ever since. Krystal is a talented and driven professional with a passion for graphics and animation and a track record of success in our company.

Krystal works quietly and diligently in the background, but we have come to rely on her every day, which is why we want to focus on her today. She is the person behind many of our client’s social media content that is published on their pages across many social media platforms.

We sat down with her to learn more about her journey at Web Changes, her day-to-day responsibilities, and her advice for aspiring digital marketers.


Krystal joined us from the retail industry where she worked as a customer service representative. She had recently finished school, but in her spare time she explored graphic design, animation and computer programming, so she had a good foundation to draw from while learning about professional digital marketing in a business setting. She hit the ground running and quickly came up with good ideas to help improve our client’s marketing campaigns.

Today she is responsible for the running of the majority of Web Changes marketing portfolio clients including creating and maintaining their presence on social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Additionally, she manages the Google Ads PPC Campaigns for some of our clients, ensuring they continue to attract valuable business in their various economic sectors. She also creates graphics for these companies which is where her passions ultimately lie.

Krystal plans to study further in the field of graphic design and animation while gaining experience in Web Changes and hopes to continue to bring fresh ideas and innovative design to her clients.

My goal is to enhance my expertise in the industry, as I find great pleasure in exploring the imaginative aspects of my role. Designing visuals and experimenting with language within the framework of the strategy enables me, as a creative individual, to express my inventiveness in diverse ways.”

When asked for advice to aspiring digital marketers, she says:

“Don’t be afraid to have fun with your words and imagery. Being creative is what gets people’s attention and helps you stand out and always be sure to do your research on the client and the field they work in.”

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